[Press release] Korea App Co., Ltd., Signed MOU with Healand Co., Ltd. for sharing blockchain technology

Korea App Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeong Hak-soo) and Healand Co., Ltd. (CEO Hue Sung-min) signed an NFT verification business agreement on the 8th.
This agreement was signed with the purpose of sharing blockchain-related technologies, and both companies will share their blockchain technologies to explore various business opportunities.
Healand Co., Ltd. is a company that operates a healthcare 3.0 platform with Bio-hotels and distribution networks nationwide and provides healthcare services to predict and prevent diseases with high incidence using DTC genetic diagnosis service technology.
Korea App Co., Ltd. operates a web 3.0 simplified payment business and an AI order platform, providing users with ordering and payment services in their daily lives.
Through this agreement, Korea App Co., Ltd.’s web3pay simplified payment service will be supported at Healand Co., Ltd.’s facilities, enabling domestic and international customers to access the service.
The two companies plan to cooperate with each other in the development of online and offline payment solutions using blockchain technology in order to advance into the robot serving business using AI order and new healthcare businesses within the metaverse space.