[Press release] Healand Co., Ltd. starts full-scale franchise business with Present Coffee.

“Healand Co., Ltd. has officially entered the nationwide franchise business in collaboration with ‘Present Coffee’ to expand its efficient and systematized sales network. The two companies have agreed, through a business agreement, to collaborate on the opening of Healand’s nationwide centers, focusing on standardized interior design, promotion, and marketing.
The upcoming Healand centers will feature automated coffee brewing machines and a café-style interior, creating a comfortable and pleasant business environment. Additionally, there are plans to operate an experiential zone where customers can experience various healthcare devices with the guidance of experts.
A company official said ‘Healand Co., Ltd., which aims to open 10 hotel branches and over 100 roadside stores nationwide, is striving to provide franchisees with diverse structures by showcasing café-style centers with differentiated interiors through this business agreement. The goal is to maximize center operating profits and activate the experiential zones within the centers.’