[Press release] Healand Co., Ltd. signs a business agreement with DMC Trips

Healand Co., Ltd., a bio platform-based total life care service company, announced on the 31st that it had held a business agreement ceremony with DMCTRIPS, a new concept comprehensive travel platform, for welfare promotion and sales business. According to the company, this business agreement is for the purpose of mutual cooperation, such as planning and […]

[Press release] CEO, Hue Sung-min at the Seoul Yeouido National Assembly Seminar: ‘For STOs to become a stepping stone for startups, a shift towards negative regulations is necessary.

▷ On the 20th, a topic presentation was held at the Seoul Yeouido National Assembly seminar room. ▷ “Positive regulatory approach hinders the growth of emerging industries.” [Wiz Economy] Correspondent Ryu Eutteum = Heu Sung-min, the CEO of Healand Co., Ltd., emphasized that in order for token securities to become a stepping stone for startups, […]

[Press release] Healand Co., Ltd. starts full-scale franchise business with Present Coffee.

“Healand Co., Ltd. has officially entered the nationwide franchise business in collaboration with ‘Present Coffee’ to expand its efficient and systematized sales network. The two companies have agreed, through a business agreement, to collaborate on the opening of Healand’s nationwide centers, focusing on standardized interior design, promotion, and marketing. The upcoming Healand centers will feature automated […]

[Press Release] Healand’s Healium Token [HLM] Listed on Bittrex Exchange

Healand announced on the 16th that its bio 4.0 platform service, HLM (Healium), has been listed on the world-renowned exchange, Bittrex Global. Amidst the challenging cryptocurrency market downturn, Healand’s Healium Token (HLM) has been actively engaged in business activities. Since the opening of the bio metaverse platform in collaboration with Healium on July 15th, Healium has […]

[Press Release] Healand Launches Bio Metaverse Platform Linked to Healium [HLM]

[Discovery News = Reporter Seulgi Kim] Healand launched the Bio-metaverse platform linked to HLM, a healthcare 4.0 platform service.According to Healand, a Bio-metaverse is a platform that securely stores individuals’ genetic information and provides not only disease prevention but also remote treatment information. Today, the platform has officially commenced its services.According to the company, Healand’s […]

[Press Release] Herald Photo Holds Signing Ceremony for Collaborative Agreement on ‘Global Smart Eco City’ Development

[Herald Economy] Signing Ceremony for Collaborative Agreement on ‘Global Smart Eco City’ Development Held at Healand Headquarters in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul”On the afternoon of the 30th, a signing ceremony for the collaborative agreement on the development of the ‘Global Smart Eco City’ took place at the Healand headquarters in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul. After the ceremony, Kim Ki-chan, […]

[Press release] Healand opens Bio-Metaverse platform linked to Healium (HLM) on July 5th

Healand announced on the 24th that it will open its Healium (HLM) integrated Bio-metaverse platform on July 5th. According to the company, Healand listed its Healthcare 4.0 platform service token Healium (HLM), on the global exchange XT.com on the 2nd. An official from Healand explained, “Through the bio-metaverse platform we are opening this time, we […]

[Press Release] Healand’s Healium (HLM) token Listed on XT.com Exchange

HLM (Healium), a healthcare 4.0 platform service, has been listed on XT.com, a world-class exchange.Healium token, developed by Healand, a company working on a Bio-Metaverse, takes its first step forward with a powerful listing on the global exchange XT.com.Healand is leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic crisis as an opportunity to prepare for the healthcare 4.0 era, […]