About Healand

Healand is a company that provides personalized ‘Total Life Care Service’ based on a bio platform.

HEALAND Co., Ltd. Corporation is a healthcare industry company established in 2021. We are dedicated to continuously striving towards becoming a leading player in the healthcare sector in South Korea. Our relentless efforts are focused on growth and innovation within the industry.

We actively embrace new technologies and ideas to provide a wide range of products and services. Currently, we are launching various products and services in diverse fields such as medical devices, medical diagnostics, and healthcare,. Through these offerings, we aim to contribute to the promotion of our customers’ health and well-being.

Healand regards human resources as the most valuable asset and places great importance on nurturing and developing talented individuals with creative abilities. In addition, we are pursuing sustainable management while fulfilling our social responsibilities. These efforts play a significant role in our growth as a leading company in the healthcare industry.

Our vision is to become the top-notch company in the healthcare industry domestically and globally. Moving forward, we will continue to drive ongoing research and development, relying on innovative ideas to create a healthy and prosperous future in with our customers.

Management Philosophy

As a pioneering company built on the foundation of Healthcare 3.0, Healand, the Healing Land, is committed to realizing the abundant and beautiful dream of a healthy life. We strive to be an innovative enterprise that brings forth this vision.

Customer-Centric Focus

We always prioritize the customer’s perspective and strive to provide better services and products. We make every effort to exceed customer expectations.

Innovation and Challenge

We embrace new technologies and ideas, constantly pushing boundaries to create new value.


We consider talent as our most valuable asset and we foster and develop individuals with creative capabilities.


We actively fulfill our social responsibilities for the betterment of society and customer satisfaction, while pursuing sustainable business practices.

Transparent Management

We uphold transparency and fairness in our operations, maintaining trust with our customers and forming new partnerships.

Behavioral Approach

At HEALAND, our organization members exhibit the following behavioral approach

Customer-Centric Mindset

고객 중심적인

We always prioritize the needs and requirements of our customers, striving to provide the best services and products.


We offer innovative thinking and ideas to solve problems, constantly exploring new technologies and approaches.

Communication and Collaboration

We strengthen teamwork through effective communication and collaboration, working together to achieve the goals of the entire organization.

Continuous Improvement

We pursue continuous self-improvement and growth, and strive for organizational performance and development.


We uphold ethical behavior and fulfill our responsibilities, earning trust and respect inside and outside the organization.

Healand is a company that grows together with its customers, employees, and local communities.


Welcome to Healand, your companion for a healthy life. Here are directions to reach Healand.
We look forward to welcoming you at Healand, where we strive to promote and support your journey towards a healthy life.

Healand HQ

234 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea ZIP Code : 06221