[Press release] Healand Co., Ltd. signs a business agreement with DMC Trips

Healand Co., Ltd., a bio platform-based total life care service company, announced on the 31st that it had held a business agreement ceremony with DMCTRIPS, a new concept comprehensive travel platform, for welfare promotion and sales business.

According to the company, this business agreement is for the purpose of mutual cooperation, such as planning and marketing for participation in travel and sales business for the promotion of welfare and establishment of welfare awards between the two companies, Healand Co., Ltd. and DMC Trips.

Through the agreement, they have promised mutual cooperation in ▲Actively utilizing and cooperating with the resources of each department to achieve the project purpose ▲Connecting related services and supporting professional manpower ▲Searching for mutually diversified support measures ▲Providing travel planning for welfare promotion and ▲collaborating and providing diverse services according to the concept.

Heu Seong-min, the CEO of Healand Co., Ltd., said, “We hope to create a new paradigm for travel and create a high-quality lifestyle for members through this business agreement.”

Meanwhile, Kang Jin Ho, the CEO of DMCTrips, stated, “With the increased demand for travel due to the end of the corona pandemic, and a bubble is forming in travel prices,” and “we promise to provide reasonable cost prices to cooperative organizations and companies and actively cooperate as a travel agency that values the essential value of travel.”

World Biz [Reporter Hwang Ji-hye]