[Press Release] Healand Launches Bio Metaverse Platform Linked to Healium [HLM]

[Discovery News = Reporter Seulgi Kim] Healand launched the Bio-metaverse platform linked to HLM, a healthcare 4.0 platform service.

According to Healand, a Bio-metaverse is a platform that securely stores individuals’ genetic information and provides not only disease prevention but also remote treatment information. Today, the platform has officially commenced its services.

According to the company, Healand’s HLM Bio Metaverse platform offers several key services. These include remote healthcare, consultations, and prescriptions provided by experts such as doctors and pharmacists. The platform also allows for the sharing of surgical videos as NFTs, enabling users to access valuable medical resources. Additionally, users can purchase items in the Healand metaverse and benefit from their delivery service. Health check-ups provided by Healand are also available. All these services can be conveniently paid for using Healium.

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