[Press release] Healand launches ‘Healium Pass’ in India through one-stop door-to-door service

Healthcare platform company Healand has announced its plans to launch the Healium Pass in India in 2022, enabling one-stop visit services for sample collection and insurance claims.

Healium is a healthcare 3.0 platform focused on prevention and management, utilizing blockchain technology for the integration of medical data. The integrated data can be utilized from general hospital consultations to individual mobile healthcare services, storing institutional and patient data in one place to enhance the efficiency of medical support.

Currently, Healand has established collaborative networks with the Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ), the National Health Authority, and several other companies. It has also provided the GENOME INDIA policy platform, which involves the participation of the central government and 22 public institutions. The Indian government has praised Healand’s healthcare platform as an innovative system, where individuals exercise ownership and management rights over their information, while healthcare providers can record medical information or use it for research purposes.


Healand’s CEO, Hue Sung-min, stated, “While the traditional healthcare industry focused on diagnosis, treatment, and hospitals, the healthcare 3.0 era demonstrates a transformation towards a consumer-centric healthcare industry based on digital technology. However, there are concerns regarding privacy breaches and data leaks. At Healand, we have incorporated blockchain technology into the healthcare information open platform, focusing on safety and security, to aggregate and manage medical information dispersed across various institutions.”

Furthermore, he added, “The smart healthcare industry is being promoted not only in Korea but also in countries such as the United States, Europe, Japan, and China by government initiatives. Therefore, we will strive to select technologies optimized for healthcare to improve the health and public health environment for the general public.”

Moreover, Healand is currently developing a healthcare program that applies blockchain and metaverse technologies, using avatars with DNA information to enable real-time health monitoring.