[Press release] Healand opens Bio-Metaverse platform linked to Healium (HLM) on July 5th

힐랜드 메타버스
Healand announced on the 24th that it will open its Healium (HLM) integrated Bio-metaverse platform on July 5th.
According to the company, Healand listed its Healthcare 4.0 platform service token Healium (HLM), on the global exchange XT.com on the 2nd.
An official from Healand explained, “Through the bio-metaverse platform we are opening this time, we will transform individual genetic information into the value of the metaverse, linking reality and virtual reality. We will provide information services that can prevent diseases and remotely treat diseases.”
Furthermore, they stated, “Genetic data will be double encrypted and securely protected from hacking through blockchain technology. Since genetic information is an individual’s right, individuals can decide how to protect their rights and determine the extent of information provision through governance, where community members participate in decision-making collectively.”

The key services of Healand’s HLM bio-metaverse platform include non-face-to-face healthcare, expert consultations and prescriptions from healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists), surgery video sharing (NFT videos), Healand metaverse merchandise purchase and delivery service, and Healand health check-ups. The company explained that users can now access personalized Healthcare 4.0 services through Healand’s metaverse mall or within the metaverse, enabling consultations, prescriptions, and purchases of goods with Healium (HLM).