[Press release] Healand signs an agreement with Spain’s Soria Natural Korea to provide convergence medical services.

Healand, a healthcare platform company, announced on the 11th that it had signed a business agreement with Spain’s Soria Natural and MHM.
Healand operates a healthcare 3.0 platform with bio hotels and distribution networks. Soria Natural has 48 branches worldwide and owns manufacturing facilities in Spain, the United States, and Mexico, where they research and produce bio-cosmetics and health functional foods. MHM has multipurpose food manufacturing equipment that allows for the production of different products in a single facility.
Through this agreement, the three companies plan to provide differentiated integrated medical services. This includes diagnostics and treatments using advanced bio technology, optimal treatment programs, and personalized healthcare 3.0 platform services that predict and prevent diseases. The goal is to launch solutions that address health, beauty, and obesity issues. They have also planned to collaborate on marketing efforts.
Hue Sung-min, the CEO of Healand, expressed his expectations for the healthcare 3.0 platform service to grow as a platform for promoting public health, stating that they will change the paradigm of distribution and cultivate a platform where everyone can thrive with differentiated strategies.

Korea Economy [Reporter Han Min-soo]