[Press Release] Healand’s Healium Token [HLM] Listed on Bittrex Exchange

Healand announced on the 16th that its bio 4.0 platform service, HLM (Healium), has been listed on the world-renowned exchange, Bittrex Global.
Amidst the challenging cryptocurrency market downturn, Healand’s Healium Token (HLM) has been actively engaged in business activities. Since the opening of the bio metaverse platform in collaboration with Healium on July 15th, Healium has predicted the era of bio metaverse 4.0, where health information is analyzed and stored as NFT tokens through the platform, leveraging genetic information.
The focus has been on providing information services that measure the value of each genetic information and integrate reality and virtual reality through the metaverse, offering remote disease prevention and treatment.
Healium , a biotech healthcare service providing startup, aims to go beyond the era of biotech healthcare 3.0 and prepare for the 4.0 era by listing its Healium token on the global exchange, Bittrex Global, taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.